About Us

Toronto Gymnastics International (TGI) has been offering quality gymnastic programs to children and adults for over 30 years.

We are a member of Gymnastics Ontario with athletes that compete at both the provincial and national levels.  We are especially proud of a very strong recreational program for both boys and girls.

We have over 25,000 square feet of gym space.  Our clean and well maintained facility is fully equipped with the latest gymnastic apparatus and mats.  The gym area is fully carpeted and there is an extensive glassed viewing area with bleachers for parents.

All TGI coaches are certified NCCP levels 1 - 3 and have an excellent rapport with children.  Our gymnastic programs have been designed to provide safe and effective learning in a supportive environment.  Each member of our coaching staff is committed to helping each gymnast reach their full potential by providing only positive feedback and only constructive criticism.   We realize that gymnastics is only one aspect of healthy childhood development and we support our athletes in pursuing a variety of extra-curricular endeavours.

SENIOR COACHES  (Level 3 & Up)

Nancy Corcoran Whiting (Club President)
Norm Loader (Men's Head Coach)
Andrea Mallia (Women's Head Coach)
Doron Kernerman
Jorge Solorzano-Fiho
Lukas Gataveckas
Nicola Stapleton
Suzie Owen 


Aaron MacRitchie
Abby Bulley
Allie Mizzi (Intermediate and Advanced Recreational Coordinator)
Anita Sienkiewicz
Arden Krasevac
Christina Markham
Elizabeth Urbaniak
Emily Thuro
Fayth Perko
Katarina Radzikowski
Katya Zaraska
Larysa Nakonecznyj
Lauren Moshenberg
Linda Driscoll
Lisa Batna
Maria Abunahla
Maysen Krasevac
Megan Orszulik
Melissa Cole
Mireille Stapleton
Nefi Wright
Paige Carey
Shannon Degroot (Recreational Director)
Shannon Orszulik
Shelly Boudah
Slavko Betlej
Tristan McDermid
Tulsi Vyas
Virginia Merver


Amber Abbott
Andriy Tryguba
Camryn Anderson
Cassandra Piekarski
Daniel Langstaff
Emilia Kourmaeva
Emily Arnold
Evan Zaharatos
Isabella Salama
Izabel Michalik-Eix
Jack Perry
Katherine Macleod
Lucas Schmidt
Maleshia Soloman
Mara Noesch
Marlina Forgione
Melissa De Oliveira
Michelle Eerola
Miranda Branyiczky
Molly Cook
Monica Weremi
Nicoleta Ross
Nireen Abunahla
Shayna Tierney
Sophie Smith


Alexandra Armas
Alice Smith
Cason Micallef
Charles Heinzl
Charlotte Marsh
Chloe Zaraska
Davide Radaelli
Emily Rosolen
Isabelle Hill
Jonah Harriman
Joshua Viegas
Kaitlyn O'Donnell
Kenji Tamane
Lucas Pare
Lyndsay Gall
Madelief Welsh-Schut
Megan Lithgow
Sage Stoyka Kay


Lindsay Whiting (Operations Manager)
Katarina Radzikowski (Full time Front Office Customer Service Coordinator)
Alison Corcoran (Competitive Customer Service Coordinator)
Karin Christopher (Part time Front Office Customer Service Coordinator)
Maleshia Soloman (Part time Front Office Customer Service Coordinator)

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