Your child should wear comfortable clothes for class.  This can be a t-shirt/tank top, shorts, leggings or jogging pants.  They will participate in the class without shoes and socks.  If the child has long hair to have it tied back.  We also ask to keep all valuables at home (e.g. jewelry, watches, phones etc.).

Parent should wear comfortable clothing for class since you will be moving around the gym with your child and helping them at each station.  You will be able to wear socks for class.

For pairing requests, you can send us an email () to make the request.  Please list the children’s names, the program’s name and the day & time of the program.  The maximum amount of children who can be part of a group request is 4.

For coaching request, you can send us an email () to make the request.  We do try out best to honour the request, however a coach’s schedule can change session-by-session.  If the coach is not available, we try to match your child with the coach with the same coaching style as the request.

All email request must be received at least a week before class, it is hard to make changes once classes have started.

In order to ensure the safety of the athletes in the class our coaches will need to assess their ability during class and get to know the class and the group dynamics. We will do this at the beginning of each session. If you want to make sure we know about an athletes personal goals please speak with the supervisor so that we can make sure the coach is aware in the first couple of weeks of class.

Groups are created based on age and level. This is also dependent on the athletes that register for the specific time slot. It is normal to have a 1-3-year age and level gap within a group. Coaches are equipped to provide challenging and modified skills for all to ensure athletes find success. In the sport of gymnastics, it is important to always review basics, and break skills down into drills which benefits all athletes.

During the weekdays older athletes typically register for the later time slots, and younger athletes at the earlier time slots.

Please contact Shannon, if you are interested in getting tested for our Intermediate or Advanced Recreational Programs. Limited spots are available in the tested programs and there is a testing fee of $20. You can also talk with the supervisor to see if your child should be tested for the program at this time.

If you are interested in Men’s Competitive Gymnastics please contact our Head Coach Lukas, .

If you are interested in Women’s Competitive Gymnastics please contact our Head Coach and Assistant Head Coach Michael (), Craig ().

Amilia is a registration program that we use at TGI.  It is a program that parents can use to register for gymnastics classes and/or programs.  To log into the system or to create an account, the address is www.amilia.com/en/login.

You can register for a class wait list by selecting “waitlist” underneath the yellow button (Safari) or purple button (Chrome) for the class day and time that fits your schedule.  Once you have click on the link, a window will pop-up asking you to log into your Amilia account.  You can either log into your account or create a new account.  The link to create a new account is located under the “Log in” button.

Yes, you are able to register your child for more than one wait list. However, we ask you to register for a class wait list which the day and time first your child’s schedule.

No, you do not pay a fee to register your child on the wait list.  It is free.

When you come off a wait list, we will send you an email to the person who is the account owner on Amilia.  We will let the account owner know a spot has become available  in the class you had wait listed your child for, and how to pay the invoice.  You will have between 24 and 48 hours to make a payment towards the invoice listed under the “Billing” section on your Amilia account.  You can either pay the bill online or give us a call at 416-253-1443. If a payment is not made within the deadline we provide, we will remove the invoice and mark it is not paid.

No, we do not automatically charge the credit card that is on file in Amilia.  We do not have access to this information.

No, it does not.  We open session registration in the middle of a current session. Once registration opens for new members, you can either register for a class if it is available or re-register for a wait list if there are no spots in the class you want for the next session.

Acrobatics is a discipline in gymnastics that is a partner, group sport. They focus on dance, balance, flexibility, tumbling and strength development. Partners or groups work with each other on skill to create routines.

Advanced Kindergym is a class for 4 or 5 year olds with some gymnastics experience. They should be able to manage 1.5 hours in the gym without challenge and ideal is in Cangym Level 3.

A parent for those in Kindergym is allowed to sit inside the gym with the class up until the 3rd class. If they are not able to attend without you we will look to move you to a parent and tot opening or credit/refund the class if they are not able to participate.

Of course, depending on their special needs there are a variety of options available. We ask that you provide us with information on your special need in order to help us best coach your child. The more information we have about how to work with your child the easier the transition will be. We will do our best to support the child in the program if we can. In some cases, the parent may need to supply a support worker to assist in the classes. We also offer classes for children with special needs through Kidnastics, a program that will help with various exceptionalities and aid in the teaching and integration for gym rules, behavioural challenges and if an athlete requires more one on one support.

Babies in Motion is a class for 6 month to 18 month olds. At this moment in time the class is not operating.

Athletes who have more experience in gymnastics are recommended to register in the 9-14 year old class. The later class traditionally has athletes who are older in age and have done gymnastics for at least a year. There is no difference in the programs, both follow the CanGym level system.

Kindergym is for 3 to 5 year olds who are relatively new to gymnastics or starting gymnastics in the gym on their own for the first time. Advanced kindergym is 30 minutes longer than the kindergym class, is for older athletes 4 or 5 years old and should have some experience with gymnastics. Ideally you are in Cangym Level 3 when you begin Advanced Kindergym.

No, you are not required to stay for the entire show. When you drop off your child at the athlete’s entrance the day of the show, please let the coach know your child will need to leave right after their performance. After your child’s performance, the coach will release them back into your care.

No, your child is not required to participate in both recreational performances. If your child would like to participate in both shows, they are more than welcomed to. However, it is not required. Please inform the coach if your child will not be performing in a specific show.

Yes, your child can still perform at Gymfest. Please note the time you will need to drop off your child for their performance (30 mins before show time). For pick up, please come into the gym 15 minutes before the show ends.

Yes, we do provide accessible seating at the show. Our accessibility seated area is set up at the side of Floor 1. A specific number of chairs will have an accessible sign posted on them.

All the show will showcase a variety of routines. While the athletes will be different there may be similar routines. Competitive athletes may be performing more than one show with the same routine.

Due to the limited number of tickets available per show, any lost ticket will not be replaced.

The second phase of Gymfest ticket sales will start June 4th. If your child’s show night is not sold out, we will be selling full show tickets first. If full show tickets are sold out, we will be selling only a limited number of half show (after intermission) tickets. No full or half show tickets will be sold at the door.

We will be setting up bleachers inside of the gym. The bleachers will be set up in front of Floor 1 and along Floor 2.