Women’s Competitive

At Toronto Gymnastics International we offer a competitive program designed to develop athletes to compete in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics as Provincial and National athletes competing Level 3 and up under the Junior Olympic program. We strive to promote a supportive team environment, which fosters discipline, growth and development. Coaches set individualized goals alongside the athletes to promote personal accountability and identify what will keep them motivated to strive for their best.  Competitive programming is an all-year program and has a summer expectation between 5-7 weeks (depending on age and ability).  Program placement is determined by meeting testing expectations, development of basic skills and body positions, focus and overall motivation. The other large part of continued placement in the program is based on commitment to being on time, summer training and attendance throughout the year. Attendance plays a large role in progress and ability to maintain the strength and flexibility requirements of the program and promotes skills development and progress.

Athletes as young as 5 begin in our pre-competitive programming and can expect to train 8-12 hours weekly, and may include daytime hours.  In this program, we focus on the fundamentals of gymnastics: flexibility, strength, handstand development and mental toughness.  We strive to help athletes learn how to compete. This program is an essential building block to becoming a provincial athlete in the future.  As the athlete grows in our program, she will expect an increase in hours and skill difficulty.  Athletes must respond quickly and show corrections in order to succeed and grow as a gymnast.

As you progress in the sport the guidelines for training commitment are:

  • Level 3 – 9 – 12 hours/week
  • Level 4 – 12 – 16 hours/week
  • Level 5/6 – 16+ hours/week
  • Level 7/8 – 18+ hours/week
  • Level 9/10 – 20+ hours/week

For these hours you can expect 1-2 weekday afternoons.  The athlete will compete at two to three provincial qualifying meets and one invitational meet. The goal is to have our athletes qualify for provincial championships. At TGI we provide a guideline that ensures athletes are confident in their ability to compete, and that athletes are safe and consistent in performing skills at competition. Athletes must be able to show coaches changes to improve their overall gymnastics as well as commitment to practices (punctual, consistent, focused and good work ethic).

If competitive placement does not work out, athletes from this program are placed in a more appropriate level depending on age and ability.  Athletes can always re-test for our competitive stream after the competition season is finished each year.

Artistic gymnastics is an individual sport, requiring years of dedication and training, however, we realize that gymnastics is only one aspect of a young girl or a young woman’s healthy development. When athletes join our competitive program, they quickly appreciate the benefits of our athlete-centered club culture. Aside from strength and skills, athletes learn to work on a team, learn discipline, respect, and carry these necessary life skills into their every-day lives.

For more information on our Women’s competitive program please contact our Women’s Head Coach, .