Women’s Competitive

At Toronto Gymnastics International we offer a competitive program designed to develop athletes to be able to compete in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics at Invitational and Provincial competitions. Gymnasts must be tested before being accepted into our competitive program. We strive to promote a supportive team environment, which fosters growth and development in the sport. Coaches set goals with individual athletes to promote personal accountability and help identify what will keep them motivated to strive for their best and what they want to achieve.

Artistic Gymnastics is an individual sport, requiring years of dedication and training, however, we realize that gymnastics is only one aspect of a young girl or a young woman’s healthy development. When athletes join our competitive program they quickly appreciate the benefits of our athlete-centered club culture. There are 3 streams within the Women’s Competitive Program and they have individual goals:

Pre-Competitive (ages 4 to 7)

Athletes under 7 years of age, who demonstrate the potential for competitive gymnastics and are willing to train more intensely, are invited to join our pre-competitive program by the head coach. Each athlete will individually progress through our Mini, Year 1 & 2 pre-competitive levels. Training hours will vary from 6-12 hrs and include daytime training. These programs are all year round with a summer commitment of 5 weeks

We focus on the fundamentals of gymnastics: flexibility, strength, handstand development and mental toughness as this is an accelerated program. We strive to help athletes learn how to compete. This program is an essential building block to becoming a Provincial athlete in the future.

Program placement is determined by meeting testing expectations, development of basic skills and body positions, focus and overall motivation. The other large part of continued placement in the program is based on commitment to being on time, summer training and attendance throughout the year. Attendance plays a huge role in progress and ability to maintain the strength and flexibility requirements of the program. If competitive placement doesn’t work out, usually athletes in this program are too young for placement in Advanced Recreational programs and it will be recommended recreational placement (Adv. Kindergym or Girls Recreational) until they are a little older and able to be tested for entry into advanced programs.

Pre-Competitive Program Summary 

Invitational Program – (ages 8 to 18)

Our Invitational Program is primarily designed to help introduce athletes that are starting late in the sport of gymnastics. The program is competitive and has similar standards to our other competitive streams, we look to work to the athlete’s ability and we hold the same standards with regards to quality, commitment, structure, discipline, attitude and work ethic. Athletes are always working higher-level skills to challenge and push themselves. This program along with our entire competitive program cares about athlete development and performance. Athletes in this program need to have a desire to compete and they are looking to develop their skills further. This program training between 9-12 hrs and has a summer commitment of 5 weeks minimum.

Invitational Program Summary 

Provincial Competitive Program

This is an accelerated program. Athletes must respond quickly and show corrections in order to succeed and grow as a gymnast. Training for these athletes varies from 16 to 20 hours per week, includes 2 afternoon training and is all year round. Summer training requirement is a 6 week minimum. The athlete will compete at three Provincial Qualifying meets and one invitational meet. The goal is to have our athletes qualify for Provincial Championships. At TGI we provide a guideline that ensures athletes are confident in their ability to compete, and that athletes are safe and consistent in performing skills at competition. Athletes must be able to show coaches changes to improve their overall gymnastics as well as commitment to practices (punctual, consistent, focused and hard work).

Provincial Program Summary 

For more information on our Women’s competitive program please contact Andrea and Allie.