Gymnaestrada combines gymnastics and dance in a large group routine. Routines are from 5 minutes to 15 minutes in length for the group. TGI’s Gymnaestrada team is put together with athletes of all ages and abilities. Those with various skill levels in gymnastics or new to gymnastics are welcome. The most important part is commitment to the team, focus, effort and attendance. Each year, the team performs at our annual Gymfest and one other performance event. Gymnaestrada celebrates a love for Gymnastics through performance. Every 4 years, over 50 countries from around the world.

The team is on a 3 year cycle, please see below: 

2020-2021: Team tryout, training, learn beginning of routine, conditioning, skill development. Perform Ontario Gymnaestrada (dependents on dates), TGI Gymfest. $300-500 travel expenses.

2021-2022: Additional tryout last year to accept new members, learning additions for routine, conditioning, perfecting routine. Perform Ontario Gymnaestrada (date dependent), TGI Gymfest, Canadian Gymnaestrada. $2,000-$3,000 travel expenses.

2022-2023: Perfect routine, make adjustments, add additional skills. Perform TGI Gymfest, World Gymnaestrada (Amsterdam July 2023) $4,000 – $5,000 travel expenses.


To participate on the team there is a monthly training fee (September – June) of $75/month + annual $40 registration fee (valid July – June). The total cost of the trips per person is approximately $8,500 for the three years (accommodations, flights, transportation, etc.) In addition, participants will be expected to pre-authorize payments of $100 a month for year 1, $200 a month for year 2, $300 a month for year 3 towards their trip fees. Money will be held for the athletes for registration, accommodations, etc. Flights will be booked by the individuals unless travelling with the team. Money saved will rollover to the new year for use towards the next trip.

In the event of cancellation of participation, money held by TGI will be returned less the training fees (month notice required), registration fees and money spent on travel etc.

Our team in 2019 comprised of 39 athletes ranging in age from 11 years old to over 60 years of age.