Men’s Competitive

At Toronto Gymnastics International we offer a competitive program designed to develop athletes to be able to compete in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics at Invitational, Provincial, and National competitions. Gymnasts must be tested before being accepted into the competitive program. Our men’s coaches work with each athlete to achieve their personal goals and their individual potential as a competitive gymnast. Our training environment is safe and respectful of the needs of the athlete.

Artistic Gymnastics is an individual sport, requiring years of dedication and training. At TGI we are also conscious of the impact camaraderie, mutual respect and a team spirit can have on the success of a male athlete. When athletes join our competitive program they quickly appreciate the benefits of our club culture. We have the coaching depth to enable an athlete to stay at TGI for their entire gymnastics career.

Interclub Levels 1-4

Our Interclub competitive program is ideal for the athlete who is capable and interested in competing, but does not wish to commit to a lot of training hours. You can expect a commitment between 6 to 9 hours. The athlete will train skills to compete at 2 to 3 invitational meets a year.


Athletes under 10 years of age, who demonstrate the potential for competitive gymnastics and are willing to train more intensely, are invited to join the pre-competitive boys group by the head coach. Training is 6 to 9 hours a week, all year round. Athletes can expect to compete at 1 to 3 meets each year depending on their age.

Provincial Levels 1 to 5

Provincial level gymnastics is divided by skill level (ability) and age. Athletes progress through the levels as they acquire the skills to compete safely. Training is 12 to 20 hours per week, all year round. Athletes can expect to compete in 4 to 5 competitions a year.

National Open

National Open is the only provincial level that competes for Ontario at the Canadian National Championships. Athletes in these levels are typically older and compete at a very high skill level. Training is at least 20 hours per week, all year round.

High Performance: Junior and Senior National

Our coaching staff have the experience and expertise to work with athletes with the talent and aptitude to follow the high performance development program and compete in the national high performance levels. Training is at least 20 hours per week, all year round.

For more information on our Men’s competitive program please contact Lukas.