Women’s Competitive – Aspire 1

WAG Group: Aspire 1

This page include important information for the Aspire 1 group. Athletes in this group are Level 2 and Level 3. We are looking for a commitment of a minimum of 9 to 12 hours per week.

Testing sheets


Monday February 7th – 4:00pm – 8:00pm – Mock Meet Level 3 at TGI
Tuesday February 8th – 4:00pm – 8:00pm – Mock Meet Level 4/5 at TGI
Friday March 11th – Sunday March 13th (Quinte Bay) – WAG Provincial Qualifier #1 – Level 3 – 5
Friday April 28th – Sunday May 1st (Richmond Hill) – WAG Provincial Qualifier #2 – Level 3 – 5
Thursday June 2nd – Sunday June 5th (Alliston) – WAG Provincial Championships Level 3 – 5

Sports Psychology & Mental Preparation

As part of our program for Mental Preparation, coach Rachele, will be working with the athletes each Wednesday, over the next 10 weeks, to address some key mental training and wellness issues associated with Covid-19. Specifically, we’re looking at the challenges of relearning skills, adapting to their growth and development, addressing self-care, nutrition for training (fueling), adolescent concerns, fears, frustrations, friendship in the gym, sportsmanship, and the culture of excellence. As part of this athletes will learn tools for self-regulation to cope and for success.

TGI has always been inclusive, before it was popular or mandated. Now due to Covid-19, we realize that we must assist the athletes to shoulder this new stressor, and help them get back on track. As evidenced by Simone Biles during the Olympics, mental training supports sport success as well as mental wellness, which is the most important.

Our hoping is that they will develop a stronger character to face their challenges in the gym, and later in life with professional support from staff. Happiness in training is very important, so we will develop their socio-emotional acuity using proven tools of success. Emotional regulation is one of the keys to great training. It is our hope, that by being proactive, TGI athletes will derive the greatest benefit from their training and meet their goals with a positive mindset and a growth mentality.

Coach Rachele has spent over 30 years working with children and teens, working with a variety of gymnasts at different skill levels from recreational through to Elite. Rachele is a certified gymnastics coach but more importantly she has focused her education on early childhood development, strategy for athlete success, and working with children with special needs. She has spent her life developing programs to assist children achieve whatever they can in their lives and we are thrilled to have her knowledge and experience on the team.

Wendy Bruce, 1992 Olympic Gymnast and Mental Coach


  • Breaking Through A Mental Block 
  • Parents Role in the Mental Game

Lisa Mitzel, Author, Speaker, Mental Training Coach, Educator



Resources for Nutrition 

Food For Fuel

Recent Blog Post: 5 Ways Your Body Is Telling You to Eat More https://www.foodforfuelrd.com/post/how-to-know-when-to-increase-fuel-internal-factors

Culture of Excellence

We are working towards creating and supporting a culture of excellence within the program. Excellence to us is defined as striving for person growth, success and teamwork. This is part of the mental preparation and expectation setting component of program. Culture of Excellence Handout.


Training time : Monday, 4:00pm- 8:00pm
Training time : Wednesday, 4:00pm- 8:00pm
Training time : Thursday, 12:30pm- 4:30pm (Optional)
Training time : Friday, 12:30pm- 4:30pm
Training time : Sunday, 9:00am- 12:00pm (Optional)